Welcome to our world of upcycling

Our Vision

Our efforts will lead to greater resource conservation between art and upcycling, a strengthened culture of sustainability, and increased economic viability of

Our Misson

Providing leadership, awareness, advocacy, and educational workshops to encourage the responsible use of resources through up cycling and supporting modes of waste reduction.

Our Services

A Light Wind Swept Over The Corn, And All Nature Laughed In The Sunshine.

Art Gallery

We do a rotating art gallery throughout the year.


We run environmental education workshops and tours for schools, festivals and community groups

Selling | Renting Art

We sell and rent our pieces.

Designing | Executing

We customize designs and execute using sustainable materials.


We collect industrial discards from over 15 businesses around Jeddah, Makkah, and Taif, diverting them away from landfill and making them available at low cost to the community

Why in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is DROWNING IN WASTE


Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s youngest populations

with approximately 50% of its population of 34 million being under 25 years old.


Saudi Arabia generates 17 million tons of MSW annually

with an average of 1.4 kg/capita/day which is more than the global average of 1.2 kg/capita/day.


Less than 15% of the collected MSW is recycled

informally by scavengers who manually extract paper, metals, and plastics.