Meedo Creisat

began crafting beautiful structures from an early age, shaping Jordan’s famous red clay mud in his uncle’s farm in Al Salt into whichever object filled his imagination. His hands found work even as a child, volunteering his summer vacations on the restoration of various archeological sites throughout Jordan from the ancient city of Jerash, to the Roman amphitheater in Amman, and the remarkable historical site of Petra. At the age of fourteen, Meedo left his home and family to move to Bristol England and take part in a select educational program offered by the UN. Once again, Meedo kept his hands busy during summers restoring gargoyles in Bath, England.
After growing up in two worlds with deep history, Meedo decided to explore the newer country of America. Arriving in Southern California, doors quickly began to open, allowing him to do set designs for Universal Studios as a set builder and gaining a SAG card. While busy with set design for independent films, Meedo took part in the rehabilitation of Sunset Boulevard. His touch is still noticeable to any who drive this iconic stretch of road. Through his set work, many celebrities took note of the designs Meedo created. Soon weekends were filled with these projects, allowing Meedo to eventually open his own business. Besides countless hours of hands-on experience, he earned a contractor’s license while taking courses in interior design. As Meedo established himself deeper in the Los Angeles design world, opportunities came to work with luminaries such as Philippe Starck on landmark hotel design projects.
Meedo’s mark has additionally been left on the Downtown Los Angeles scene after Standard Oil approached him about a revitalization project in which old warehouse spaces were turned into stylish lofts. During this time he also joined the Architecture Review Board of Los Angeles. Many developers and famous architects have commissioned his help.
After accomplishing so much in his adopted country, Meedo felt it was time to return to Jordan and give back to the place where he grew up. He began by volunteering with the Za’atari Refuge Camp, where connections led Meedo to become an ambassador for the Global Scribes NGO, eventually outreaching the program to the SOS Children’s Village and local schools.
Travel was never far from Meedo’s mind and opportunities arose in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Since then, he has branched out into other areas of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. With an 86-country, 10-years world tour under his belt, working with NGOs, and helping restore old schools and clinics in Africa, Meedo uses his wide travel experience to inject authenticity into each project, creating a full concept with rich attention to detail. During his time in Saudi Arabia, Meedo focused on projects that reflect his love of history and passion for environmental sustainability. Against the historic backdrop of the ancient Al Hajr site in Al Ula, Tabuk province, Meedo helped develop the Al Ula Trails experience at the 2019/2020 Winter at Tantora Festival. Meedo created environmentally friendly installations for the trails, including furniture, shelters, and enclosures using locally sourced, and reclaimed materials.

In May-July 2021,

Meedo further explored the potential of reclaimed materials in his solo Meedo/Redo art exhibit at the Qaf Gallery in Jeddah. The exhibit featured numerous artworks made from reclaimed shipping pallets and motor oil cans, as well as site-specific lighting and furniture pieces, to create a fully immersive environment encouraging visitors to reflect on themes of consumerism, waste, ecology, and recycling.
Most recently, Meedo has been back in Jordan, collaborating with Kawon, a Madaba-based, socially active community project that includes a bookstore, café, organic garden, and cultural space. Kawon’s core values of community building, education, and environmental sustainability fit perfectly with Meedo’s own ethos. Over the summer of 2021, Meedo has been actively involved in Kawon’s management, building living spaces for international volunteers, book stations within the Kawon bookshop, and creating reclaimed furniture from recycled materials for the Kawon café and outdoor organic garden. Meedo’s contributions help further Kawon’s mission to empower the local community by providing spaces that promote habits of reading, artistic creation, and environmental sustainability. In the process, he has become an active, valued member of that community.
Through his work and travels Meedo has become a bridge between the Arab and American worlds. He knows the rich language, history, and traditions of his Arab heritage, while welcoming new cultures. Furthermore, Meedo’s extensive experience as a world traveler gives him a unique perspective on what it is like to be a transplant in another country, and an ability to connect with people from all corners of the globe. These factors, along with his strong hands-on work ethic, creative vision, and environmental ethos make Meedo an asset to any organization.