About Us

“How we perceive value comes into a question as we re-examine the medium’s initial purpose.”​
-Meedo Creisat​

We are Meedo Redo House of Culture, the only ECO arts and reuse co-operative in Jeddah, specializing in the collection of clean industrial discards and other high quality materials for re-sale back to the public. Every month we're saving approximately 1 ton of reusable 'waste' from many areas of Jeddah.

Meedo Redo House of Culture founded by  a Jordanian-American artist Meedo Creisat. He paints with recycled
plastic and cans rather than materials more traditionally known for making art. And instead of a conventional paintbrush, he uses nail and hammer, screw and screwdriver, and whatever his hands can grab hold of to create his portrait work. He switches between materials and begins to cut and laminate strips of what were formerly plastic bottles and metal containers onto a reclaimed wood canvas. Creisat calls his work ‘Meedo Redo,’ and the technique is incredibly fascinating, as textures and patterns are built up by layering plastic strips and smashed cans in patches on top of each other. Up close, the artworks have a highly abstract and often linear or striped look. Once you step back, the full portrait image begins to emerge. A recycling enthusiast, Creisat spends a considerable amount of time collecting his materials, frequently searching the streets of Jeddah for discarded pallets, tins, and plastics. Through his work, Creisat hopes to show that art doesn’t have to come from expensive materials and you don’t need a lot of money to achieve great things. Creisat has won widespread recognition and special appreciation for his work from many corners, including the Saudi Art and Culture Society and the Saudi Environmental Society, with special
mention in the Arab News and other media outlets.

Source reduction, or waste prevention, is designing products to reduce the amount of waste that will later need to be thrown away and also to make the resulting waste less toxic.

What is MSW? Municipal Solid Waste

Typically, MSW consists of: plastics (bottles, containers, cups, packaging material) wood-based materials (paper, cardboard, packaging material) organic matter (food scraps, yard trimmings) glass (bottles, glassware) metals (cans, foil, tins) mixed group of other material, such as textiles, leather, e-waste- appliances and ash typically accounting for only a few per cent of the total waste stream.

Where can we collectMunicipal Solid Waste?

Sources of MSW include: private homes commercial establishments institutions industrial facilities, excluding waste from industrial processes

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)—more commonly known as trash or garbage—consists of everyday items we use and then throw away.